Smart Platforms

Use the supercomputer power in your hand for:

    ◦ Point-of-Care diagnostics ◦ Environmental & industrial monitoring ◦ Food & Agriculture testing ◦ Remote testing

Internet of Things

IoT- enabled via cloud processing for:

    ◦ Remote data transfer ◦ Remote communication & sharing of results ◦ Utilise added power from multiple instruments

Data Analytics

Remote data processing to:

    ◦ Analyse acquired data in time and space ◦ Project measured data on geographical map

Products and Services


Connected diagnostics devices

    ◦ Hand-held Analyser ◦ Bench-top Instruments ◦ Hardware-free diagnostic solutions

Areas of Analyser applications

    ◦ Healthcare ◦ Food & beverage ◦ Agriculture & Water ◦ Industry and Chemicals ◦ Environment


IoT Applications

    ◦ Remote Monitoring ◦ Data Storage ◦ Secure real-time data transfer

Data Analytics

    ◦ Mapping of test results ◦ Tracking of test results

Home Health

For Everyone

Personal healthcare anytime, anywhere:

    ◦ Home health ◦ Sharing of tests with healthcare professionals ◦ Periodical health awareness and assessment ◦ Prevention of health problems

For Medical Professionals

Medical Applications

    ◦ Home health ◦ Online Doctor Services ◦ Early warning ◦ Electronic record keeping ◦ Remote diagnostics


Executive Team

Dr Sandra Ast

Chief Executive Officer and Director

    Sandra is the founder of AusSI Systems. Her experience spans molecular diagnostics, data analysis and rapid prototyping. Sandra pioneered and developed the starting technology at AusSI in 2015. In November 2015 Sandra successfully graduated from the Medical Device Commercialisation Training Program, a course funded by NSW Health to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skill set for commercialising their inventions.

Prof. John Canning


    John has joined AusSI Systems in 2016. He is an SPIE Fellow and has previously co-founded Redfern Optical Components (now part of Tyco TE at the Australian Technology Park), Redfern Integrated Optics (now RIO in the United States), and other companies. He has also been involved in the technology of several other startups spanning silica and polymer fibres, and surface plasmon-based devices and has mentored others.


Dr Alex Radu

App Developer

    Alex holds a PhD in Bioinformatics and during his studies he interned at Google Australia. He is passionate about building apps and developed a free android application with over 69,000 installs and an average rating of 4.3 stars with over 1900 reviews. Alex is currently a Software Developer with Atlassian working part-time with AusSI Systems.

Mr Guilherme Leite


    Guilherme currently undertakes his Master Degree studies in Civil Engineering while working part-time with AusSI Systems. His expertise covers several years of 3D modelling and design engineering but he also has acquired valuable marketing skills when working for two Companies in Brazil.

“A leading supplier of mobile, web-enabled analytical instruments for Healthcare, Agricultural, Chemical and Environmental Industries.”